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Important information about our consulting services

At our consulting center we answer questions about babies, children or adolescents with hearing impairment.
We are here for parents as well as teachers of all types of schools, professionals from day care centers or children´s homes, therapists or other helping people. We give advice and information.
There is a lot of help and possibilities to support all who are involved.
Together we will look for the best solutions for your child and you.

Our consulting service is free of charge for you!
Contact us!

How will I be consulted, if I don´t understand German?

If you require an interpreter, we can try to book a volunteering translator through the city of Krefeld for free. Though they aren’t professional interpreters, they do speak your native language as well as German. If you aren’t able to be consulted in German, please contact us.

Regulations during the Covid-19-Pandemic:

During the Covid-19-Pandemic, you have two options to schedule a consultation with us:

1st option: You provide evidence of a negative Covid-19-test from the same day. Then we can meet in person at the consulting center.

2nd option: We meet online via video call. For this you will need stable internet and a terminal advice (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop). We will then send you a link via email.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee a correct translation.)